The Importance of Attitude

Attitude is a game-changer.    John Maxwell says your attitude “determines whether you will advance to the next level or stay at your current one.”     In my book “The Enemy in the Bush”, I say that your attitude determines your behavior, direction, and ability to successfully navigate any situation.

For example, let’s say you have two people seeking the same job. They qualify equally across the board in terms of experience, education, background, etc. However, one has a great attitude and one has a bad attitude. Whom will you hire? The one with the great attitude, of course. Why? Attitude. It was the difference-maker.

The fundamental question is, what is attitude?  We hear so much about this word, yet many don’t know its essence and how its manifests in our lives.

1. a manner of one’s conduct towards a situation or a person.

At´ti`tude n.:

2. the disposition that one takes when confronted with problems or stressful situations.

3. the way you think and the way your thinking does not corrupt your normal disposition.

 4. the way a person thinks or perceives the world.

Attitude is critical when we’re confronted with problems or stressful situations, changes in our lives, or fears that confront us. Our attitude determines what behavior will we present to others and how we will navigate a situation. We can tap into an inner strength we may not have known existed but that can empower us to exceed our surface abilities. In psychology, it’s said that one’s attitude exposes one’s mental and emotional character. It represents what a person holds on to or values. Even more, our attitude influences the actions we take and the results we see in our daily lives. Your attitude is POWERFUL. You can determine your destiny by having the right attitude. 

The bottom line is that your attitude gives you access to a higher power that empowers you with the ability to create and achieve anything you want in life. Even when everything in my life temporarily appears to be going against me, I can cause the results to be in my best interest. I can endure the storm if I maintain my composure and focus and don’t lose sight of my purpose in life. I don’t curse others or my lot in life. I say that this storm will pass, and I will rise above it.  On my desk, I have framed a famous quote by Zig Ziglar: “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

The key to having a good attitude is the willingness to change. Our attitude is the primary focus that determines whether we will succeed or fail. This applies in every area of life.

So, how do you get the right attitude?

 1. First, evaluate your present attitude. What bad attitudes are keeping you from being a fulfilled person?

2. Use your faith, not your fears. The only guarantee of success in difficult or discouraging situations is faith. Personally, just that word alone conjures up a lot of examples from my life and calls me to write another article on them alone. Napoleon Hill, said: “Faith is the only known antidote to failure.” So, feed your faith and starve your fears.

3. Feed yourself pure, powerful, and purposeful affirmations. Whether it’s biblical scripture or positive sayings, build your belief system using affirmations. I guarantee that in 30 days you will see a difference. My sayings are: “I can do this”, “I can overcome this ___in my life ”, “I am confident that ____ ”,  and “Anything is possible.” 

4. Change your thinking

Earl Nightingale says the greatest secret is that most people don’t think. The way we think about things determines our happiness, which in turn determines our attitudes. An African elephant is one of the largest animals on earth. Its strength and massive size can crush anything in its path, with the exception of a lion. The lion is smaller than an elephant and not as intelligent. However, the lion is the king of the jungle, and when the elephant sees the lion, fear permeates its mind. Why does this massive animal fear the lion? It boils down to attitude. Because it knows the lion sees the elephant as a meal. In human terms, “You are what you think about.”

5. Develop good habits

Attitude is nothing more than our thought habits. Habits are what we do constantly, good or bad. We are what we think about! For years, I’ve said: “It’s not what you are that holds you back; it’s what you think you are not that holds you back.” So, everything revolves around your thinking. Your thinking determines your habits, and your habits determine your attitude. So, try this:  

a. list any bad habits you want to get rid of

b. list the causes of these bad habits

c. list what you think supports these bad habits

d. list positive replacements for these habits

e. list the benefits of these replacements

f. Take action! Reinforce them!

Remember, your attitude determines your altitude. I look forward to hearing about your success!

What are your thoughts?


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