I believe that organizations should run like a well-oiled machine from the inside and out. Importantly, internal operations should be:

-Well Managed – Well Organized
-Well Trained – Well Governed
-Well Diversified – Well Greased

Knowledge is the key – Reasoning is the path to understanding.

The goal of this site is to bring a balanced and researched-based perspective on topics related to both private and public-sector workplaces. The topics include team building, management, and leadership styles, employee behavior, diversity and inclusion, the future of work, and so much more.
Among these topics, I have my favorites which include those that affect the masses and about diversity. Diversity needs to be embraced in all organizations, businesses, and even mom and pop corner grocery stores. We now live in a global world and understanding the variety of cultures, values, and various lifestyle that make up that world needs to be embraced by all.
All of these topics come from studies in the field of organizational behavior (OB). This field is “the study of human behavior in organizational settings, the interface between human behavior and the organization.” In other words, the workplace.
I have taught (OB) in a college setting for over twelve years along with other related topics. Additionally, I am a Gulf War veteran and Senior Army Warrant Officer who worked in the fields of logistics and Federal Acquisition and Contracting as a federal employee. I have worked in many diverse environments over my thirty plus years serving the American people, and I know for a fact that human behavior is ever changing, sometimes minute by minute. We need to know what is out there in order to know how to navigate through the workplace in order to be efficient, effective, and productive. To be the best that you can be, it is vital to be aware of different situations and scenarios in the workplace.
For organizations to stay competitive in the 21st century and beyond; organizations must find ways to harness the creativity of their diverse workforce. This is necessary in order to innovate within an industry with new ideas and models. Individual employees must become effective, efficient and productive within that organization. They must be able to generate ideas on their own, and also increase their social skills to work in collaborative projects. This is all done by fostering an appreciation of other cultures and traditions. An organization that does not embrace diversity nor invests in its employees will miss out on the most significant workforce in the world — the American worker.

Certified John Maxwell, Teacher, Trainer, Coach