The Purpose Driven Life

What determines how you spin your time, where you go what you think about, how you conduct your life while occupying space on this earth. It’s knowing your purpose. It’s having that sense of direction knowing that you have a reason for your existence in life. You were not born to work for someone else, you have a destiny to fulfill on this planet. You have a gift to deposit on this earth.  It’s a great feeling to wake up every morning and knowing the direction you must travel in order to realize that dream or conquer that objective that’s having a purpose.  Whatever is driving you to climb those mountains of adversity or rushing every morning out of the house, to fight the hostile traffic, just to work with people that make you feel marginalize, undervalue and underappreciated. My hope is that you are walking in the fulness of your life. Your life has a focus and reason for existing hear on earth.

 The purpose driven person has a sense of direction. Is this you? Having a sense of direction is having a meaningful existence, this reality quenches the fears and anxieties that so many of us experience when we are not walking in that existence, which gives us direction which determines our destination, and this moves us towards our desired destiny. This is having a sense of purpose.   

Purpose don’t have the attitude of life as a frivolous, carefree existence, the ideal of doing whatever you want to do without consequences. There is a focus or direction.  To quote Zig Ziglar “ you don’t want to be a wondering generality, but an aiming specific.”  Everything you do is discipline, focused and have purpose.  You are not throwing darts at a target that doesn’t exist. To quote Thomas Carlyle, “  A person with no purpose will make no progress even on the smoothest road.”  Every time I think, the reason for living or “Purpose”.   People spent 20, 30 years of their lives, hustling and bustling just wondering through life. They don’t have a specific target that they are aiming for, they are wondering generalities. Then they may look back and wonder, what have I done all of my life.

I have a dear friend, Richard that I met through the John Maxwell confidence builders’ program which is an accountability program that will enable you to partner with two like-minded John Maxwell Team (JMT) members to move forward on your goals and dreams, building confidence with action and accountability.  We met every week through zoom and encourage each other to meet those weekly goals previously set.  I benefited greatly by being accountable to another person who will slightly nudge me to meet those goals.

 On our second meeting he told me about his cancer he was fighting. And that the end of life looks certain for him.   Richard, wanted to continue to work, despite his frequent hospital visits.  His body bleeding internally and fighting with the bouts of bodily weakness as the chemo kills off the good and bad blood cells of his body.  He expressed wanting to get his business up and running and returning back to work which was his fulfillment.  Despite all of its short comings.  On the day we were supposed to meet on a zoom conference call. When he didn’t show up on zoom, my mind was racing, and I thought the worse.  I sent him an email immediately waiting for his reply. He returned my email, explaining that he was in the hospital and just got out of surgery. I told him that my family and I would pray for his full recovery. He wrote back and say “I decided today after learning the expectations of my cancer, to retire from his Government job right away and therefore have more time to devote to the JMT and my family.”  I wrote back in a return email, “I feel that family is more important. Talk with you soon.”  Richard found his purpose late in life that was sharing and teaching others the John Maxwell method of Leadership as he continues to work at his Government job, as he frequently complained about the conditions, workers, the mislead politicians while fighting his disease. I hope to talk with Richard, soon.

When I think about this topic of purpose, a song made famous by Diana Ross in the theme of Mahogany.  I think about the song she sings.  Diana Ross depicts the character Tracy Chambers, who reached the famous heights in the fashion industry, but it was met with a marred existence and tragedy. She sings the lyrics “Do you know where you’re going to? Do you like the things that life is showing’ you? Where are you going to? Do you know?

Do you get what you’re hoping’ for, when you look behind you, there’s no open doors
What are you hoping’ for?  Do you know?” Don’t get at the end of life, to finally live your purpose in life.

 Examine your life, are you living in your true existence? Think about the following thoughts.

1. Take an assessment of your life, think back on at that one dream as a child or teenager that made an impact in your life.  Revisit that place. Sometimes our childhood dreams and visions are the beginnings path of our purpose towards fulfillment in this existence.

2. What motivates your life, will get you up going without being nudged. What brings you joy, because they said what brings you joy motivates your life and what motivates your life brings meaning to your life what brings meaning to your life drives your life, and what drives it controls it and what controls your life is your purpose in life.

3. Surround yourself around people who are examples of the life that you want to live. Those that have a sense of direction, visionaries about life. Surround yourself with those folks!

Thrive in Life with purpose!

Dr. D