Why we do what we do? (Values)

Why you do what you do? 

What gives you meaning and purpose in life (home, work and personal/professional)?   According to researchers our values gives us meaning and purpose when it comes to our relationships, service to others and everyday decisions. 

Values are magical, they are our internal compass that steer us towards what’s favorable to us in our everyday existence.  When there’s big decisions that are made in our lives our core value guides us toward the answer.   In comparison with goals or plans which are set to focus on the outcomes or results in our lives.   Our values dictate how we carry out those big decisions we make daily in our lives.  They are as Jan Stassen said, “situation independent decision helpers.” 

Every decision you make in your life, no matter the context, you depend on your values to make the final decision. Your values resonate deeply. You are drawn toward them effortlessly. So, they aren’t just what you think is good. They are what you celebrate and measure success by. They are what you want to be remembered for. They are what you will sacrifice and go the extra mile for.

If you google “personal values” we find over 1 billion of us searched out this term.  There are core values such as Respect, Honesty, Trust, Caring and Fairness are some of my core values.   Values are individual and personal preferences of what we feel takes precedence over everything in our lives.    The bottom line: values are mostly held beliefs that is entrenched in our lives in our psyche, they are the barometer in which we judge things on a good and bad scale.  

  We begin to form them early in our childhood and it changes throughout our lifetime, they motivate us to act and behave in certain ways.  If you don’t like what you see in the mirror check out what you value most in life that’s why you do what you do.

How to align yourself with your values

In order to live a purposeful life, we need to make a conscious effort a conscious choice to align ourselves daily with our goals that coincides with our core value system.  Quote: “How we spend our day is how we spend our lives” -Annie Dillard

How do you spend your day? Take a look at your calendar, or the things you did within the last 24 hours.  This is a snapshot of what’s important in your life. Did those activities reflect you (your core values).  For example, is health and wellness apart of your daily or weekly routine?  Family time?  Time for personal development? How about, focusing on your spiritual or meditative fitness.   To quote Aristotle, “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit”.  If your routines are not reflecting what your values represent, then you need to change to align yourself with your values system.  

Values gives us meaning it gives us our purpose in which we formulate the goals throughout our lives and the destiny we want to realize. The Choices that we make weather be our relationship we form, how we relate to our society or the type of organization we choice to become apart of all reflect our values.

So, the better you know your core values, the better you make decisions in your life, and the better you align yourselves with career paths, having better relationships, and doing meaningful extracurricular activities.

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