How do you lead the toughest person in the room?

At every leadership webinar, I ask this one question: Who is the toughest person in the room to lead? Then, after everyone points to everyone else, I spring the correct answer on them and say, “You.”   You are the toughest person to lead in this room! Friends, the person I have the most difficult … More How do you lead the toughest person in the room?

Overcoming The Barriers of Empowering Others

The truth about empowerment is that it’s powerful. When a leader, schoolteacher, or parent allows those they are responsible for or have authority over to grow and expand their potential, that is exponential power! When you empower others, you give them the license to develop and the freedom to express their talents and abilities to … More Overcoming The Barriers of Empowering Others

Self-Discipline (A different perspective)

What’s at the core of achieving the good life? To start exploring this question, let’s look at what’s not at the core. The major key is not learning how to set goals, or managing your time. And it’s not mastering the fine art of leadership. Day by day, we try to find ways to improve … More Self-Discipline (A different perspective)

The Purpose Driven Life

What determines how you spin your time, where you go what you think about, how you conduct your life while occupying space on this earth. It’s knowing your purpose. It’s having that sense of direction knowing that you have a reason for your existence in life. You were not born to work for someone else, … More The Purpose Driven Life