It Pays to Understand People

                                                 Understanding people pay great dividends. This is true in many contexts, from interpersonal relationships to business dealings. No matter the context, understanding another person’s thoughts, feelings, motivations, and experiences is an invaluable asset. People want to be listened to, respected, and understood. One of the most critical aspects of understanding people is empathy. Putting … More It Pays to Understand People

Add Value to Others

What’s your attitude towards others? “You can’t make the other fella feel important in your presence if you secretly feel that he is a nobody.” This is a quote from Les Giblin. What a revelation! I always said people do and respond to what they see others do in response. People know when you are … More Add Value to Others

Why we do what we do? (Values)

Why you do what you do?  What gives you meaning and purpose in life (home, work and personal/professional)?   According to researchers our values gives us meaning and purpose when it comes to our relationships, service to others and everyday decisions.  Values are magical, they are our internal compass that steer us towards what’s favorable to … More Why we do what we do? (Values)

Success Thrives in Conducive Surroundings

The basic principle of success is constant growth and achievement of your next goal. It is done through dedication, commitment, perseverance, and hard work. What it also requires from you is a conducive environment where it can flourish. Such an environment can be produced when you surround yourself with like-minded, successful individuals. These are people … More Success Thrives in Conducive Surroundings

Sharpen Your Ax to Develop the Best in You

Ecclesiastes 10:10 says, “If the ax is dull and its edges unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success.” Setting out to accomplish any goal without the necessary skills or tools is like trying to chop wood with a dull ax. You must overcompensate your efforts by applying more strength and muscle to … More Sharpen Your Ax to Develop the Best in You