Cooperating In The Workplace: Covers Workplace Cohesion During The COVID-19 Pandemic (3rd Edition)

The working environment can cooperate harmoniously;

Change in our everyday lives brings new opportunities to dismantle archaic systems, to reinvent and recharge ourselves. The 2020 COVID-19 crisis triggered an urgent need to examine yet again, how people can interact successfully in organizations. For this reason, the expanded third edition focuses on how leaders and employees in a diverse and global working environment can cooperate harmoniously; especially, during crisis situations. Knowledge, organizational skills, and behavior need to be developed. Communication and teamwork skills, necessary to reach a common goal, must be improved. To this end, cooperation between co-workers, supervisors, and management within organizations is the method for success – the very method to survive, thrive, and stay competitive during times of crisis.

I intend this book to be a catalyst to understand situational challenges, to successfully navigate teams, and to communicate within organizational structures, not only under normal circumstances but also under the pressures and uncertainties of a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.


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