Hard work builds character

If you have ever known someone to be a hard worker or one who gets the job done, this person stands out from the crowd. They are held in high esteem. Unfortunately, our society doesn’t foster nor encourage diligence or hard work, just doing the minimum to get by is the mantra.

We were designed to cultivate, subdue and work diligently in our life pursuits. I wrote in my book “The Enemy in the Bush” that in the second chapter of the book of Genesis, God created man as a cultivator of the land, to work the land. There is nothing magical about that; everyone knows that gardening takes work to grow plants. I like to say mankind was designed to work, not lounge around eating fruit and figs all day. Mankind, including women, was designed to put their hands to the plow and have dominion or subdue the land and all of God’s creation.

When we pursue a dream or goal, wishing upon a star will not make it happen—you must put your hands on the plow, subdue it, and tend to it daily until it yields. Or realize its true potential of what it was designed to do. I believe that every one of us was designed to do remarkable things, and it only comes through diligent hard work.

The dictionary says that hard work is an action word that implies exerting energy, experiencing fatigue, and sometimes pain. The Oxford dictionary defines hard work as “a great deal of effort or endurance.” 

In everyday life, the application of hard work must be a part of the equation to realize our dreams or obtain our goals. Success in any endeavor is achieved only through persistence and sacrifice. Anything of significance always comes through dedication, discipline, and hard work. My saying is, “Everything nice comes with a price.” John Maxwell says, “Everything worthwhile is uphill.” The late great Kobe Bryant said, “Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses.”  

As a boy raised by a single mother, she was my first role model of what it meant to be labeled a “hard worker.” We saw our mother struggle to keep food on the table for myself and my four sisters and five brothers; I was the middle kid. Despite the added hardships and setbacks, we saw our mother go through, she remained strong, determined, and hopeful that a brighter day would come for her children.     

As a young boy, my work ethic and mindset developed. Later, I realized that hard work could be divided into three building blocks: dedication, discipline, and determination. Dedicated and committed to getting the work done, discipline on staying the course without being deterred, and determined never to give in.

Without these foundational blocks at my core, I believe I would not have achieved my life goals.

I would have not achieved the success that I had in the military. As I wrote in my book, “The Enemy in the Bush,” without these building blocks, the enemy of complacency and mediocrity would have succeeded in destroying my set goals for the military, just as I saw so many of my comrades who didn’t want to exceed above and beyond what was required.

 The benefit of hard work is building a solid character. Whatever endeavor you undergo, know that it’s not come into its fullness with consistent effort. It will take the three building blocks of dedication, discipline, and determination. Giving up easily is not in your DNA. This is character. You’re an optimist. Having a strong character doesn’t come overnight; think of it as building strong muscles; it consists of effort, focus, and Hard Work. 

Character traits of a hard worker are diligence, resilience, and focus. When problems arise, the diligence and self-motivation spirit commit to completing the job or task. People love to be around hard workers because their character always shines through.  

Colonel Sanders, the entrepreneur, and inventor of Kentucky fried chicken pursued his dream at an age when people say they can’t, which is at the age of 65. He tirelessly worked many hours to get his tasty fried chicken into the mouths of many. His tireless effort paid off later in life. In his autobiography, he recalled those days as “back cracking work.”  However long it took, he stayed the course, and his dedication, discipline, and determination paid off. Now, Kentucky Fried Chicken is a household name.

Former White Sox and Blues Jays MLB player Samuel Ewing once said, “Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.”

Let me know your definition of hard work and its benefits in your life.

Dr. D

The Carolyle Destiny Group


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