• Destiny Action Plan Course

    by The Carolyle Destiny Group
    7 Lessonsin
    • Destiny Action Plan Course - $25.00

    Do you want to stop living with shattered dreams or take that fragmented life to the next level? Are there discrepancies between what you desire in your heart and what you do with your life? Then I designed this four-module comprehensive course to help you lay out your ideal Personal/Professional Development Action Plan. It’s designed for people ready to … More Destiny Action Plan Course

  • Why We Do What We Do ?

    by The Carolyle Destiny Group
    0 Lessons
    • Why We Do What We Do ? ( Lessons in Motivation) - $25.00

    In this course, we will answer the question of Why you do What you do? What’s your motive or drive? Why do you make the choices that you make in life, at home or at work? Come and join me in exploring the many facets of Motivation. … More Why We Do What We Do ?