Add Value to Others

What’s your attitude towards others? “You can’t make the other fella feel important in your presence if you secretly feel that he is a nobody.” This is a quote from Les Giblin. What a revelation! I always said people do and respond to what they see others do in response. People know when you are … More Add Value to Others

Monthly Newsletter (The Carolyle Destiny Group)

Dear Friend, Think back to the last issue you encountered (this can be a work or personal issue), and consider what steps you took to approach the problem and find a solution. During that process, what kind of hurdles did you face? What steps did you take to overcome those challenges?  Thinking through how you’ve … More Monthly Newsletter (The Carolyle Destiny Group)

Why we do what we do? (Values)

Why you do what you do?  What gives you meaning and purpose in life (home, work and personal/professional)?   According to researchers our values gives us meaning and purpose when it comes to our relationships, service to others and everyday decisions.  Values are magical, they are our internal compass that steer us towards what’s favorable to … More Why we do what we do? (Values)

Micromanaging: Who’s at fault?

Have you ever had a manager who literally looked over your shoulder while you were typing a memo or telling you how to do work at which you already are proficient, or second guesses every decision you make? Many experts have described this action as micromanaging, which can lead to several negative occurrences in your … More Micromanaging: Who’s at fault?